Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Genesis of Blogging

Despite being a self-professed writer, editor and poet, seeing me as a blogger still seemed like a far-fetched fantasy for my followers. Why should I blog? I questioned. Professionals proudly present their portfolios of accomplishments, not their personal - and often thoughtless - diary entries! 

After excessive exploration though, I alas assimilated that it would still stimulate the practice of sculpting together words and phrases - a process which is akin to wide-eyed meditation. While most of the bloggers' boats had already been sailing smoothly, I finally dived aboard, thankfully before the tides changed. 

I then wondered: if I were to blog, what would it be about? My meals, or my mates? My travels or my travails? Having shades of an introvert, or an emotionally suggestible, I knew I was reluctant to blow an airless trumpet. 'One should share only if they had something of substance' was my motto. I sat there, waiting for the perfect inspiration. Sadly, in search of the substantial and significant, I somehow seemed to slowly lose sense of my acute sensitivity. 

That's not enough, I'd counter. Ideas, thoughts and feelings were all thoughtlessly rejected as noise. With writers' block gushing through my veins profusely, then came the most senseless sound, which instinctively said to me: Just blog. Surely, the only ones cheering then would've been the Nike slogan creators. I can't just blog. What would people say? How will they analyse and judge me then? I have a profession to fend for - a living to make!!!

I assure you, the moment that wall of doubt was bulldozed over, there were moments of peace unlike any other. Present in the process of just doing, and just being, I am proud to present to you my first ever piece on this blog. Starting off with shades of self-suspicion, I have alas arrived at the Sunny Bay of success. Thank you!

Do share your comments below.

I already sense inspiration for my next post... 

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